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About Les Femmes Fatales

This dynamic talented duo is a powerful combination of music, glamour, and style. Their vocal style is a combination of R/B, Soul, and Gospel. Their music brings together, Soul, Urban and Rock. They are songwriters, recording artists, and fierce live performers who enjoy touring and rocking the stage.


Singers Nikita and Sakai are also members of the Grammy award winning band Train. Individually they have respective solo recording careers and collectively they are known as the dynamic singing duo “Les Femmes Fatales.” They are both also songwriters and share their powerful and uplifting brand of music and their perspective on the arts and culture.

At the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, they joined forces with their writing partner, Darkside,
to write and produce the song “?Is That Enough?” to channel their fears and exasperations regarding the state of the world. According to Darkside, “We had over 60 people join us on this project, which was very empowering. We
feel sure, the song that emerged will very likely magnify our cries of frustration and will be the inspiration that will
spark a renewed awareness and much needed empathy.”

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